Monday, November 10, 2014

Demilec News

Demilec is known as one of the most eco-friendly companies in North America. It doesn’t only focus on high quality products for over a quarter of a century, but it constantly contributes to a cleaner environment. Now the company broke their own records in terms of recycling. Let’s see what the big Demilec news is.

Demilec launched the recycled bottle program at the beginning of the 2000s and it seems that it won’t stop anytime soon. They’ve been recycling all kinds of plastic bottles for more than a decade. In this way, Demilec makes a significant change in the industry of green and energy-efficient products.Their Heatlok spray foam is famous for being produced out of soy oil and recycled plastic bottles.

The Demilec news announces that this October marked the recycling of the 300,000,000th bottle and Demilec seems more determined than ever to continue the fight for a greener future. Thanks to the thriving manufacturing process, the company recycled over 300,000,000 million bottles and counting. Think about that number. Now picture 300 million bottles. It seems like an endless view, right? Those are lots of tons of plastic containers. Just imagine the enormous amount of waste that they would have created if they wouldn’t have been recycled.

There are billions of other plastic containers that don’t get recycled and that damage the environment every single day. The Demilec news are not just some other news about the activity of a business. They actually represent a very important change to the industry and should contribute to changing the mentality of business owners.

Thanks to this ongoing campaign to protect the environment and to create energy-efficient spaces, Demilec proves that technology can go hand in hand with an eco-friendly attitude. Progress doesn’t need to continue to damage nature. And Demilec is among the few businesses that understands this. Each good deed counts. When a company is large, it can contribute more and actually engage in thoughtful and useful activities for the environment. It’s really nice to see that some companies such as Demilec don’t only talk about a greener future and present ideas or promises, but they actually do something about it.

This Demilec news is really important not only for the fans of the brand, but for future customers such as contractors or subcontractors as well, who can realize that they can contribute to a cleaner world too by supporting brands that went green. The Demilec Heatlok spray foam products do their job nicely for years and they are being made of recycled materials so they are definitely worth purchasing.